Thursday, February 9, 2017

7 Days of Chocolate

It’s Thursday February 9, 2017. You know me, or don’t know me. It’s been winter for a few months, and I’ve neglected this website. My internet provider sucks, my knees hurt, and I’m tired. But one thing remains, I still have love for skateboarding. So much so that I’m going to be updating this site with 7 days of Chocolate skateboards.

Chocolate Skateboards (not literal Chocolate)

For the next coming days I’m going to be posting all sorts of random crap about Chocolate skateboards, where you can buy them, board reviews, videos, and anything I can find about them. It’s just a little way of treading on new ground for this site, in hopes that someone out there not only picks up a board, but supports core skateboarding in general.

So with that little notice, get ready to be flooded with Chocolate skateboards crap, including clothes, and random b.s. that I find online. Why? Because I’m bored that’s why!

Here we go, 7 days of Chocolate skateboards begins today, or tomorrow, or whenever I decide to post something about it.

Random Keywords that will get used, for those keeping track of the SEO:

Chocolate skateboards, skateboarding, skateboards, chocolate, chocolate team, chocolate videos, chocolate skate team, chocolate skateboard deck, free skateboards, sale, street skateboarding

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