Monday, November 30, 2015

Stereo Skateboards Jazz 101 Skateboarding Decks by Mark Penxa

Stereo Skateboards Jazz 101 Skateboards by Mark Penxa
Stereo Skateboards is one of my favorite companies putting out skateboards right now. They find a way to make things artistic, and still put out great elements. I don’t know how I missed this one, but I wanted to feature them on this site for some time. Now, if you don’t know the company, it’s made famous by Jason Lee and Chris Pastras. The two owners have been putting out some amazing graphics, and skateboarding for some time. They have some sick pro riders on their team right now. The Stereo Skateboards team includes Matt Rodriguez, Tommy Fynn, and Clint Peterson. These guys rip, and of course Jason Lee and Chris Pastras still head up the main squad, albeit Jason Lee does more movies than skateboarding, right?

Chris Pastras - Stereo Skateboards Jazz 101

Clint Peterson - Stereo Skateboards Jazz 101

Jason Lee - Stereo Skateboards Jazz 101

Matt Rodriguez - Stereo Skateboards Jazz 101

Tommy Fynn - Stereo Skateboards Jazz 101

For the release of Stereo Skateboards Jazz 101, the company collaborates with Mark Penxa. His work is seen here with Jazz Icons on the decks. If you’re a collector of skateboards, and like putting them on the wall, here’s a set of 5 that you’re going to want to pick up, no doubt. These 5 skateboards from Stereo Skateboards are nothing short of impressive. I for one am going to be picking up all 5.

If you’re interested in buying anything from Stereo Skateboards then click here and order online. These probably won’t last long.

Stereo Skateboards Jordan Hoffart Presented by The Berrics Video

There’s a cinematic quality to the video that The Berrics put out featuring Stereo Skateboards rider Jordan Hoffart. Stereo Skateboards is one of those brands that I’ve always liked, but don’t hear a lot of people talking about. Their team is pretty solid, and of course Jason Lee’s name is still a good one to throw around the skateboarding world. Chris Pastras is great too. But they can’t hold down the team on their own, which is why guys like Jordan get in the mix. Well, dude can rip. With this video, you get a feel for the skateboarding that he does, and it’s just tech with a mix of gusto. Stereo Skateboards and The Berrics really do well in representing themselves here. Jordan Hoffart is killer, the quality of the video is really good, and the tricks are varied. You have flip tricks, you have gaps, rails, etc. 6 minutes and you’re down for the Stereo Skateboards that’s for sure.

Make sure to pick up Stereo Skateboards decks and more by going here and shopping online.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Toy Machine Skateboards Toons Series Leo Romero Skateboard Deck

Leo Romero Pro-Model From Toy Machine Skateboards
And here is the last of my write ups on the Toy Machine Toons Series. I’m sure you’re glad to see these go, but if not, then check out this latest from Leo Romero. This is the classic Tum Yeto Robot style, with bright yellow and blue. Toy machine’s font choices change up every deck I’ve discussed thus far. This Leo Romero deck is just another one of the classics that the brand is throwing out, so don’t lose sight of these. If you don’t see this at your local skate shop, then go online and pick one up.

If you liked any of the Toy Machine Skateboards that I discussed, pick one up by clicking here. You can save money, have them shipped to your home, and that’s about it, right? Yep. Anyways, back to more skateboarding talk in a minute, I’m going to get a quick sesh at my local skate park.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Daniel Lutheran's Propeller Raw Files Video

I featured a Daniel Lutheran skateboard deck from Toy Machine Skateboards, and well, I found this footage, and thought it would be cool to share it with you guys. This clip is of Daniel Lutheran dropping some serious skate style through a ton of spots, in a short span. Presented via Vans, Toy Machine Skateboards, and Thrasher Magazine. This dude rips. The Toy Machine team is quite good, Ed must be proud.

Got hyped? Check out Toy Machine Skateboards decks and more online here. Get hyped, get a deck, and go out there and skate the world! But first, watch this video.

Toy Machine Skateboards Toon Series Daniel Lutheran Skate Deck

Daniel Lutheran Pro-Model From Toy Machine Skateboards
Here’s another bit from the Toon series that Toy Machine Skateboards has put out. Again, if you haven’t been able to get to your local skateboard shop, or they don’t carry it, then you owe it to yourself to look at these boards, as they are kind of neat. Sure, they aren’t blood and guts, but they are still good overall boards from the blood sucking Toy Machine Skateboarding company. This one of course is for Daniel Lutheran, team rider, and quality skater. The colors on this one are cool, and the pop is always good overall.

Pick up Toy Machine Skateboards and other merch by clicking here, and saving some dough on hard goods, shirts, hats, and other random crap from Toy machine.

Free Skateboards

Friends of Street Skate Kings out there, we’ve decided to give back. We will be giving away skateboards later this month. Perhaps we will give out some more prizes, but for now, I know boards are hard to come by sometimes, so we’re going to be throwing out skateboards to those that need em. Not sure how to frame the contest yet, but we’ll work out details. If interested in free boards etc, drop me a line, comment, and let me know how we should throwdown a contest. All for the cause.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Jeremy Leabres Re-Education Toy Machine Skateboards Deprocessing Video

Well, I posted a Toy Machine skateboards deck for Jeremy Leabres, from the toon series, and decided to go ahead and post a video part from him so that you kids out there can see what his skate style. I gotta admit, the Toy Machine skateboards crew is sick in their video updates. This one comes from January 2015, and Thrasher put it out. I like the fact that in this video series there’s no “slo-mo” or any camera tricks. This isn’t the Lakai video. It’s just a throwback to a simpler time, yet it’s modern. This should get you stoked on Toy Machine skateboards and the caliber of skateboarding that Jeremy Leabres and the whole Toy Machine crew are putting out right now. I know I am.

Thinking about ordering Toy Machine Skateboards online? Do so here, and save on decks, clothing, and get free shipping for your troubles. Seriously, get 1 or 2 decks, but first watch this video from Toy Machine and Thrasher Magazine.

Toy Machine Skateboards Toon Series Jeremy Leabres Skate Deck

Jeremy Leabres Pro-Model From Toy Machine Skateboards
We’re continuing our highlights of the Toon Series from Toy Machine Skateboards, and this is the one in favor of Jeremy Leabres. The dude rips, and his pro model skate deck in this series is kind of cool. It’s very bright, there are no typos, and it showcases the loveable side of the blood sucking corporate Toy Machine. I like this deck a lot, and it’s because the brightness that I had to cave in and pick this up. I didn’t get all of them, just this one, and a set of wheels. I guess I’m odd. This one has good pop, and comes with the cool weirdo drawings that you’d expect from Toy Machine Skateboards at this point.

If you’re going to pick up anything from Toy Machine Skateboards, do so by clicking here and save yourself some time, money, and well, money. Seriously, pick up a skateboard deck, and give it to someone you loathe, or love, whatever.

Josh Harmony's Sponsor Me That Got Him On Toy Machine Skateboards Video

Just when you think the "Sponsor Me" tape was dead, I found this from Thrasher Magazine. This is the classic Josh Harmony "sponsor me" tape. If you study the things done here, you may get inspired to jump on your own Toy Machine Skateboard deck and hit the streets. Toy Machine Skateboards obviously thought this was good enough to give Josh Harmony a call and see what's up. Of course, the rest is history, right? For those of you that need a little push, perhaps this is the ticket to get you to where you want to go. Today, it's easier than ever to film yourself skateboarding. Get some tricks, edit them down to a full part like this, and send it out to the masses. You'll be surprised. Even if you want to get on Toy Machine Skateboards, or anywhere else, the power of video is alive and well.

Don't have a skateboard? Dude, go here and pick up something from Toy Machine Skateboards on a discount, and hit the streets. You don't have to want to go pro to ride, just get a board and go. Click here to get a deck and more.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Toy Machine Skateboards Toon Series Josh Harmony Skateboard Deck

Josh Harmony Pro-Model From Toy Machine Skateboards
And here we go again, Toy Machine Skateboards Toon series comes roaring out with the Josh Harmony pro model. This features a bit more of a standard graphic from the skate brand, but with the typo of course. I liked the typo. If you’re not really going to ride the toon series, then get the whole set and put them up on your wall. I definitely dig the style that Toy Machine Skateboards is going for here on an artistic level. I especially liked the typo on this one, and the use of typography elements. Other than that, it’s your standard Toy Machine Skateboards release.

Make sure to pick up Toy Machine Skateboards Toon Series by clicking here, and supporting the efforts of the Blood Sucking Toy Machine Company.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Billy Marks Bangin Presented by The Berrics Video

We featured the Billy Marks skateboard deck, so I thought why not put up some footage. If you didn’t see that, you can check out the Billy Marks Toy Machine Skateboard here. Below is footage from a feature produced by The Berrics (Steve Berra and Eric Koston’s Skate Warehouse), and it’s about 9 months old. However, Billy Marks footage is always appreciated, right? Here you go, Toy Machine Skateboards rider Billy Marks killing it at The Berrics.

Of course, if you want to pick up some Billy Marks Toy Machine Skateboards crap, go here to shop online, and save some dough.

Toy Machine Skateboards Toon Series Billy Marks Skateboard Deck

Billy Marks Pro-Model From Toy Machine Skateboards
Well what do we have here? A classic throwback to a simpler time. The Toy Machine Company’s Toon Series continues with a little inspiration from the original devil decks. This graphic design element is still getting pushed, so it’s nice to see the typography mixed with the devil logo. I like the deep reds and colors in the background, with the cursive, a nice touch. Overall, nothing too complex here, but definitely something worth noting about the Toy Machine Skateboards series. Billy Marks still rips, that’s all you need to know.

For those that are looking to upgrade their skateboard deck, get a Toy Machine Skateboard deck by clicking here. The Toons Series and more are on sale right now, so don’t sleep on this, pick up your next deck today.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Matt B-Sides: Toy Machine In New Mexico - Street Skateboarding on Tour Video

The Toy Machine team took a trip to Albuquerque,NM and stayed with the Lutherans. Matt Bennett brought his camera to capture the warm ups and behind the scenes in this first episode of "Matt B-Sides."

Video features: Leo Romero, Daniel Lutheran, Collin Provost, Josh Harmony, Matt Bennett, Billy Marks, Blake Carpenter, Jordan Taylor, Tre Williams, Axel Cruysberghs, and Victor Aceves.

If you're feeling stoked about skateboarding, and want to rip it up like the Toy Machine crew, pick up their latest series of skate decks by clicking here. You can save money, get it in the mail fast, and start ripping your local park. Or don't, and be lame.

Toy Machine Skateboards Toon Series Collin Provost Skate Deck

Collin Provost Toons Series Pro-Model Skateboard Deck
Ah yes, the Blood Sucking Toy Machine Skateboard company, alive and well. If you haven’t been to your local skateboard shop, then you may have missed this latest series. It’s the “toon” series, and it starts with this cool deck for pro-rider Collin Provost. The dude rips, and this has some classic design notes from Toy Machine skateboards, as you would expect. Toy Machine always has these little drawings, and figures, so this is nothing new, I guess. As far as Toy Machine Skateboards is concerned, compared to other options we discussed, this is a bit tame. But that’s all good.

You can pick up the latest from Toy Machine via your local skateboard shop, or you can click here, and save some money by ordering online.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Vans All-Weather Mountain Footwear MTE Are Pretty Cool

So, you already know about Vans Skate, but you may not know about the innovations that they have been working on in regards to the weather. Weather and skateboarding don’t always mix, meaning the winter months can be terrible. If you’re living in the Midwest or on the East Coast, chances are you’re not skateboarding much. But you still want to rock Vans skate shoes, right? Well the company has been putting out some cool shoes as of late, including the MTE options.

For The Mountain and Beyond

The MTE Mountain Edition Vans line up will keep you dry in the winter, and all weather that is wet. I wish I had these in Seattle in 2007, that’s for sure. Their latest collection utilizes materials that are meant to slick away water, using Scotchgard, DWR-coating, and warming fabrics on the interior. They have a set of SK8-HI, Old Skool, and a few others. The price ranges from 65 bucks to 80 bucks depending on the retailer.

The Feature Line Up

  • Vans is showcasing several features on these things, including:
  • Scotchgard Treated Uppers
  • Warm Linings
  • Heat Retention Layer
  • Lug Outsole
  • Removable Insoles
  • Classic Vans Design and Style
  • Weather Resistant
  • Water Resistant

And that’s just for the shoes. They have a line up of MTE apparel from jackets, and more. These are for men and women, and they are actually kind of cool overall.

If you are interested in this year's line up, or want to purchase Vans MTE, go HERE and pick up your size, and more. Vans MTE is made for the cold weather, and are actually not high priced at all.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bacon Skateboards Takes A Dump on Creature With New Skateboard Decks

Bacon Skateboards Parody Creature Skateboards Deck
Ok, they aren’t taking a dump. My bad. However, you have to admit that these parody decks from Bacon are awesome! No other skateboard company is taking shots like they are, and that’s not a pun. The dudes from Bacon would drink you under the table, and possibly the Creature skateboards team. In fact, does Gravette still drink? Whatever the case is, these decks are awesome, and you’re no doubt going to want to pick them up as a set, and stick to the man…err….Creature skateboards. Bacon skateboards is doing some good things, so keep lurking hard.

If you're going to buy anything from Bacon Skateboards do so by clicking here. From completes, clothing, decks and more, you can pick up the latest from these guys here. If you missed their full length, then go back to my post on Bacon Skateboards here.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Bacon Skateboards Skewers Toy Machine Skateboards With New Deck

Bacon Skateboards Toy Machine Parody Skateboard Deck
And here again, another deck from Bacon Skateboards and their graphic design team which is awesome in my book. Ed Templeton needs to see this, because Bacon just skewered Toy Machine. Ha! Toy Machine’s original graphic design board with this logo, turned into Bacon, and the cease and desist letters will likely start getting printed soon. Bacon does it again here folks, I love it, you will love it, and Ed? Well I don’t know what he’ll think, he’ll probably just laugh and go back to taking cool photographs of Hunting Beach, California. Bacon skateboards unleashes all hell with these parody skateboard decks, it’s rad.

If you're going to buy anything from Bacon Skateboards do so by clicking here. From completes, clothing, decks and more, you can pick up the latest from these guys here. If you missed their full length, then go back to my post on Bacon Skateboards here.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Bacon Skateboards Screws Enjoi Skateboards With Latest Skateboard Deck

Bacon Skateboards Enjoi Parody Skateboard Deck
And the decks keep getting stacked, because Bacon skateboards again does it! This time around they have screwed Enjoi skateboards and their iconic Panda graphics. My last skateboard deck was an Enjoi, and it had a couple of Pandas eating ice cream. This of course is a couple of Pigs having a lot of fun, because, why not? I love the graphic design parodies that Bacon is putting out, and you know what, why not? Forget being safe, this is skateboarding, this is art, this is awesome! Pick up a Bacon skateboard deck before the lawyers get involved.

If you're going to buy anything from Bacon Skateboards do so by clicking here. From completes, clothing, decks and more, you can pick up the latest from these guys here. If you missed their full length, then go back to my post on Bacon Skateboards here.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bacon Skateboards Lampoons Baker Skateboards With New Parody Decks

Bacon Skateboards Baker Parody Skate Deck
Bacon Skateboards, the mighty hogs of Oregon are once again at it, and this time around they are lampooning Baker. Baker Skateboards original logo decks are now in the cross hairs of the Bacon boys, and here you go. If you’re a fan of comedy, parody, or just graphic design, you can’t sleep on these sick skateboard decks. I love ‘em. I’m all the way here in Indianapolis and have to get my hands on one of these skateboards. You know you want one. Bacon skateboards is doing what the mid 1990s skateboarding companies would do, and why not? I love it. All hail Bacon!

If you're going to buy anything from Bacon Skateboards do so by clicking here. From completes, clothing, decks and more, you can pick up the latest from these guys here. If you missed their full length, then go back to my post on Bacon Skateboards here.

Converse Cons Welcomes Tommy Guerrero to the Team Video

Who hasn't ripped up a pair of Converse All-Stars trying to skate in them? They just weren't made to take the beating. However, Converse Cons series is made for skateboarding, and they are building quite the reputation for themselves. They just announced TWS Legend, and skateboarding pioneer Tommy Guerrero. So, you'll most likely see more skateboarding from the team, with vets and young bucks flying through the air, hitting gaps, and doing all the crazy tech you'd expect from modern street skateboarding, right? Yep. Here's a welcome video from Converse Cons.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bacon Skateboards Zero Skateboards Parody Deck

Bacon Skateboards Zero Parody Deck
Bacon Skateboards has a new series of skateboard decks that feature iconic artwork, and this time around, they put Zero Skateboards on blast. With their latest deck, Bacon Skateboards brings back that Zero skateboards graphic. I know I rode one of these back in the day, a 7.75 x 31.5 classic that got me kicked out of many a courthouse steps in Los Angeles. Well, here is the Bacon Skateboards tribute, or middle finger, or I don’t know, awesome skateboard deck! Bacon, sheesh, they are doing something to stir the pot, I love it. You’ll love it, get this skateboard deck.

If you're going to buy anything from Bacon Skateboards do so by clicking here. From completes, clothing, decks and more, you can pick up the latest from these guys here. If you missed their full length, then go back to my post on Bacon Skateboards here.

Mike Carroll and Sebo Walker Skate Berlin and Warsaw Germany – Lakai Interview Plus Video

Kingpin Magazine put up a very cool video featuring skateboarding from the Lakai Team on tour in Europe. This video features Mike Carroll, Sebo Walker, Rick Howard, and Jesus Fernandez. They are fully representing Lakai. The filming for the next big thing from Lakai has started, and you can catch an interview, video, and some sick skateboarding via Kingpin below, and via their website:

Passport Control – Lakai Berlin/Warsaw a Skateboarding video by kingpin

For those of you that are stoked, and want to support Lakai footwear, click here, and pick up some of their latest skate shoes etc. You know you want to.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bacon Skateboards Full Length Video Roller Star'd Out Now For Free!

Bacon Skateboards Presents: Roller Star'd

Bacon Skateboards just put out a full length video, did you see it? Well Lowcard Magazine and the boys at Bacon want you to see it, and it's available on this site by clicking here. You gotta get stoked on what's coming out of the Northwest right now.

Bacon Skateboards Parodies Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Skateboard Deck

Back Skateboards "Bacon Skate" Deck
Ah yes, the screaming hand graphics from Santa Cruz Skateboards, those are cool, right? Well, with the recent release from Bacon Skateboards, Santa Cruz is taken out in graphic design style. This is a great deck, and something that you have to see to believe. If you like parodies, and gonzo graphic design, this skateboard deck is going to floor you!

For those that aren’t aware, Bacon Skateboards has released a series of decks that are complete parodies, tributes, or maybe just middle fingers to the classics from the skateboarding world. It’s punk rock, and it’s purely skateboarding, in my view. Right on Bacon Skateboards! Keep Ripping and Reppin!

If you're going to buy anything from Bacon Skateboards do so by clicking here. From completes, clothing, decks and more, you can pick up the latest from these guys here. If you missed their full length, then go back to my post on Bacon Skateboards here.

Tampa Am 2015: Here’s How Aurelien Giraud Won - SPoT Life Video HD

So for those of you that are paying attention, you may have already known that Tampa Am just came and went. In skateboarding, if you win or at least place high up in the contest, chances are that you're going to get flow or at least sponsored by some of the big boys of skateboarding. In the street competition, Aurelian Giraud won. Viva La France! That's really cool, all things considered. If you didn't catch the web cast of Tampa Am from this past weekend, then you can catch this run that gave him the first place spot. Congrats to Aurelian, sick skateboarding. I wrote about how to become a pro, and recommended riders enter Tampa Am and Tampa Pro. My book on the matter is "How To Become a Pro Skateboarder" and you can get it on Kindle here.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Bacon Skateboards Coming Out of The Northwest

A lot of people tell me that the skateboarding industry is only isolated to Los Angeles and New York City. That’s not always true. I have recently found myself looking through a lot of the companies that are pushing skateboarding right now, and many of them aren’t hitting the mainstream. The goal of professional skateboarders, meaning the ones that are paid, is to rep the company they ride and hope people buy their boards. Well, what about professionals that aren’t hitting Street League, or the guys that were not skateboarding at Tampa Pro and Tampa AM? What about them?

Well, they are doing the same, and they have a hard time getting the word out sometimes. For instance, while I was in Seattle working at a skate shop, that is now dead, I saw Bacon Skateboards. Their riders are from Oregon and throughout the world, but they have some sick videos, quality boards, and are repping the Northwest hard. It’s with that in mind that the following posts, not just this one are going to be all about the team, and what not from Bacon Skateboards!

From the Northwest to your living room, or computer room, or wherever it is that you’re sitting. Pay attention as you start to get cozy in this blogomatic that I’m setting up for skateboarding glory and beyond. If you're going to purchase Bacon Skateboards do so Here and rip it, seriously!

And here you go, the Bacon Skateboards "Rollerstar'd" Full Length Video SUCKAS!

Featuring Bacon Skateboards Elites: Zach Cusano, Little C, Alan Young, Nick Peterson, Brendan Garcia, Tim Johnson, Kaden Campbell, Eisei Sugimoto, Scotty Englund, Adam Ottenberg and Julien Benoliel.

Street Skate Kings Is Born

As I type this, the temperature outside is around 40 some odd degrees. I'm reporting from Indianapolis, Indiana. I skateboard here, and have noticed that there's not a lot of people doing that. I moved here from Los Angeles earlier in the summer, and now that I want to hit the streets, it's freezing. I'll still do it, but not as much as I did in Los Angeles.

So what do you do when you can't hit the streets and skateboard? You write about it, read about it, and you take awesome skateboard trips to the local parks. So with that in mind, here is a blog all about skateboarding.

If you want to support the cause, are down with the cause, or just want to be a part of it, comment, share, and link skateboarding stuff to, or sirjskateboarding via Facebook.

This is a James Himsa blog, so watch out, I'm hitting the streets on my skateboard! Ugh, so terrible.
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