Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tampa Am 2015: Here’s How Aurelien Giraud Won - SPoT Life Video HD

So for those of you that are paying attention, you may have already known that Tampa Am just came and went. In skateboarding, if you win or at least place high up in the contest, chances are that you're going to get flow or at least sponsored by some of the big boys of skateboarding. In the street competition, Aurelian Giraud won. Viva La France! That's really cool, all things considered. If you didn't catch the web cast of Tampa Am from this past weekend, then you can catch this run that gave him the first place spot. Congrats to Aurelian, sick skateboarding. I wrote about how to become a pro, and recommended riders enter Tampa Am and Tampa Pro. My book on the matter is "How To Become a Pro Skateboarder" and you can get it on Kindle here.

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