Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Toy Machine Skateboards Toon Series Collin Provost Skate Deck

Collin Provost Toons Series Pro-Model Skateboard Deck
Ah yes, the Blood Sucking Toy Machine Skateboard company, alive and well. If you haven’t been to your local skateboard shop, then you may have missed this latest series. It’s the “toon” series, and it starts with this cool deck for pro-rider Collin Provost. The dude rips, and this has some classic design notes from Toy Machine skateboards, as you would expect. Toy Machine always has these little drawings, and figures, so this is nothing new, I guess. As far as Toy Machine Skateboards is concerned, compared to other options we discussed, this is a bit tame. But that’s all good.

You can pick up the latest from Toy Machine via your local skateboard shop, or you can click here, and save some money by ordering online.

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