Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bacon Skateboards Lampoons Baker Skateboards With New Parody Decks

Bacon Skateboards Baker Parody Skate Deck
Bacon Skateboards, the mighty hogs of Oregon are once again at it, and this time around they are lampooning Baker. Baker Skateboards original logo decks are now in the cross hairs of the Bacon boys, and here you go. If you’re a fan of comedy, parody, or just graphic design, you can’t sleep on these sick skateboard decks. I love ‘em. I’m all the way here in Indianapolis and have to get my hands on one of these skateboards. You know you want one. Bacon skateboards is doing what the mid 1990s skateboarding companies would do, and why not? I love it. All hail Bacon!

If you're going to buy anything from Bacon Skateboards do so by clicking here. From completes, clothing, decks and more, you can pick up the latest from these guys here. If you missed their full length, then go back to my post on Bacon Skateboards here.

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