Monday, November 16, 2015

Bacon Skateboards Coming Out of The Northwest

A lot of people tell me that the skateboarding industry is only isolated to Los Angeles and New York City. That’s not always true. I have recently found myself looking through a lot of the companies that are pushing skateboarding right now, and many of them aren’t hitting the mainstream. The goal of professional skateboarders, meaning the ones that are paid, is to rep the company they ride and hope people buy their boards. Well, what about professionals that aren’t hitting Street League, or the guys that were not skateboarding at Tampa Pro and Tampa AM? What about them?

Well, they are doing the same, and they have a hard time getting the word out sometimes. For instance, while I was in Seattle working at a skate shop, that is now dead, I saw Bacon Skateboards. Their riders are from Oregon and throughout the world, but they have some sick videos, quality boards, and are repping the Northwest hard. It’s with that in mind that the following posts, not just this one are going to be all about the team, and what not from Bacon Skateboards!

From the Northwest to your living room, or computer room, or wherever it is that you’re sitting. Pay attention as you start to get cozy in this blogomatic that I’m setting up for skateboarding glory and beyond. If you're going to purchase Bacon Skateboards do so Here and rip it, seriously!

And here you go, the Bacon Skateboards "Rollerstar'd" Full Length Video SUCKAS!

Featuring Bacon Skateboards Elites: Zach Cusano, Little C, Alan Young, Nick Peterson, Brendan Garcia, Tim Johnson, Kaden Campbell, Eisei Sugimoto, Scotty Englund, Adam Ottenberg and Julien Benoliel.

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