Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Matt B-Sides: Toy Machine In New Mexico - Street Skateboarding on Tour Video

The Toy Machine team took a trip to Albuquerque,NM and stayed with the Lutherans. Matt Bennett brought his camera to capture the warm ups and behind the scenes in this first episode of "Matt B-Sides."

Video features: Leo Romero, Daniel Lutheran, Collin Provost, Josh Harmony, Matt Bennett, Billy Marks, Blake Carpenter, Jordan Taylor, Tre Williams, Axel Cruysberghs, and Victor Aceves.

If you're feeling stoked about skateboarding, and want to rip it up like the Toy Machine crew, pick up their latest series of skate decks by clicking here. You can save money, get it in the mail fast, and start ripping your local park. Or don't, and be lame.

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