Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Toy Machine Skateboards Toon Series Billy Marks Skateboard Deck

Billy Marks Pro-Model From Toy Machine Skateboards
Well what do we have here? A classic throwback to a simpler time. The Toy Machine Company’s Toon Series continues with a little inspiration from the original devil decks. This graphic design element is still getting pushed, so it’s nice to see the typography mixed with the devil logo. I like the deep reds and colors in the background, with the cursive, a nice touch. Overall, nothing too complex here, but definitely something worth noting about the Toy Machine Skateboards series. Billy Marks still rips, that’s all you need to know.

For those that are looking to upgrade their skateboard deck, get a Toy Machine Skateboard deck by clicking here. The Toons Series and more are on sale right now, so don’t sleep on this, pick up your next deck today.

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