Saturday, November 21, 2015

Bacon Skateboards Skewers Toy Machine Skateboards With New Deck

Bacon Skateboards Toy Machine Parody Skateboard Deck
And here again, another deck from Bacon Skateboards and their graphic design team which is awesome in my book. Ed Templeton needs to see this, because Bacon just skewered Toy Machine. Ha! Toy Machine’s original graphic design board with this logo, turned into Bacon, and the cease and desist letters will likely start getting printed soon. Bacon does it again here folks, I love it, you will love it, and Ed? Well I don’t know what he’ll think, he’ll probably just laugh and go back to taking cool photographs of Hunting Beach, California. Bacon skateboards unleashes all hell with these parody skateboard decks, it’s rad.

If you're going to buy anything from Bacon Skateboards do so by clicking here. From completes, clothing, decks and more, you can pick up the latest from these guys here. If you missed their full length, then go back to my post on Bacon Skateboards here.

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