Friday, November 27, 2015

Toy Machine Skateboards Toon Series Jeremy Leabres Skate Deck

Jeremy Leabres Pro-Model From Toy Machine Skateboards
We’re continuing our highlights of the Toon Series from Toy Machine Skateboards, and this is the one in favor of Jeremy Leabres. The dude rips, and his pro model skate deck in this series is kind of cool. It’s very bright, there are no typos, and it showcases the loveable side of the blood sucking corporate Toy Machine. I like this deck a lot, and it’s because the brightness that I had to cave in and pick this up. I didn’t get all of them, just this one, and a set of wheels. I guess I’m odd. This one has good pop, and comes with the cool weirdo drawings that you’d expect from Toy Machine Skateboards at this point.

If you’re going to pick up anything from Toy Machine Skateboards, do so by clicking here and save yourself some time, money, and well, money. Seriously, pick up a skateboard deck, and give it to someone you loathe, or love, whatever.

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