Friday, November 27, 2015

Josh Harmony's Sponsor Me That Got Him On Toy Machine Skateboards Video

Just when you think the "Sponsor Me" tape was dead, I found this from Thrasher Magazine. This is the classic Josh Harmony "sponsor me" tape. If you study the things done here, you may get inspired to jump on your own Toy Machine Skateboard deck and hit the streets. Toy Machine Skateboards obviously thought this was good enough to give Josh Harmony a call and see what's up. Of course, the rest is history, right? For those of you that need a little push, perhaps this is the ticket to get you to where you want to go. Today, it's easier than ever to film yourself skateboarding. Get some tricks, edit them down to a full part like this, and send it out to the masses. You'll be surprised. Even if you want to get on Toy Machine Skateboards, or anywhere else, the power of video is alive and well.

Don't have a skateboard? Dude, go here and pick up something from Toy Machine Skateboards on a discount, and hit the streets. You don't have to want to go pro to ride, just get a board and go. Click here to get a deck and more.

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