Wednesday, August 2, 2017

5Boro Skateboards Cinco Barrios Skateboard Deck Review

Holy crap, they are back! The guys at 5Boro skateboards have really outdone themselves with this one. I love the team, love the skateboards, and really feel that the guys have been doing well in representing New York City skateboarding. As such, they have released this killer deck, and it’s available in two different sizes and colorways. I personally love this particular colorway, as it is very much a Latin American flavor. Mexican, to be exact. Either way, if you’re going to support core branded skateboarding, then you should get yourself one of these 5Boro skateboards.

The 5Boro skateboards Cinco Barrios skateboard deck is available at your local skateboard shop, and online. Maybe even on amazon by clicking here. Not sure, though. Whatever, go skate this deck or put it on your wall like I’m going to do.

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