Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Traffic Skateboards Motor Oil Deshi Skateboard Deck

Traffic skateboards is one of those brands that I always forget about, and it’s simply because I’m slow sometimes. Anyways, I caught up with some of their decks recently, and found 4 of them that I wanted to feature. Here’s the first for now. It’s from their Motor Oil series, and it’s for Deshi, one of their pro riders right now. Their graphics for this series reminds me a bit of Warhol, but in a more “cartoon” kind of way. Maybe a little Chocolate Skateboards vibe going on. I don’t know the artist, so forgive me on that one. Anyways, if you’re looking for Traffic skateboards, here’s one of the premier decks that they have out right now.

You can pick up Traffic Skateboards latest run of skateboard decks by clicking here, or simply find a local skate shop where they stock their stuff. I don’t have one near by, so I shop online.

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