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What Skateboard Style Should I Buy – Real Skateboards Edition – How To Pick A Board

Real Skateboards Decks and More Available Here 
You hit your local skateboard shop and there it is, a wall of skateboards. Which one should you buy? Do you go by graphic? Do you go buy skateboard brand? Do you go by the rider? Well, this is a decision that could make or break your skateboarding for the next few months. For me, it would determine whether or not I would buy a new deck within a matter of weeks. If you’re skateboarding daily, then you may need a few boards to get you through until the next month or after that. With so many choices to make, which should go for? Well, today’s innovations have lent themselves to far better skateboard decks, including great stuff from Real Skateboards. I have been showcasing some of their skateboards, and you know what? They have done a lot to innovate, or at least explain the options that they have out. With that in mind, let’s run down the board types for skateboards that come from Real. If you’re not sure what skateboard to buy, but want to pick up one from Real Skateboards, here is some food for thought.

From Real Skateboards, let this be a warning to you:

“Unlike many companies, we don’t make special decks for our team riders and then sell decks of lesser quality. The same decks the team rides are the ones we sell. It’s the way it should be.”

Real Skateboards Low Pro Deck Construction - Evened Out, Strong Construction
Real Skateboards Low Pro 2

This is the first thing you will look at when you buy from real. Their Low Pro series has a slight nose to tail, lowers the deck’s interior, gives you concave from the center out and the company claims it has “quicker” pop. I can attest to their pop being very solid, and their center being well placed. I manage to get a better flick with this set, but that’s just me.

My personal favorite, a bit more mellow concave for easier flicks
Real Mellow Concave

Here is something you should understand, mellow concave. I once had this skateboard from Santa Cruz that had this insane interior concave, and it really messed with my downhill skateboarding. As for this one, well, Real skateboards has less concave on this one, and different angles to consider. They create a stronger, easier to flick skateboard for those that aren’t going to be dropping in on mega ramps.
Real R1 Skateboards Construction - Their Basic Standard of Strength
R1 Construction

Real Skateboards claims that this is their own model of construction. Or rather, one that they put their names on. I can attest to this being some of the best constructed skateboards that I’ve ridden. I don’t know what it is, but it’s seriously a strong skateboard deck, and I’m not a lightweight skater. I’m well over 200 pounds, and not built like The Rock.

Slick Polymer For Better Slides

Real Slick Skateboards

If you’re going to ride a slick board, and you love to slide, here is the ultimate skateboard. This is a skateboard that has a ribbed polymer bottom. It’s meant for sliding, and your graphics won’t just deteriorate. I don’t know a lot of people that like riding slicks, but I know it’s a lot more fun than hitting a snag on regular boards. This is for sliding, simple as that.

So now, when you see these branded elements on skateboards, make sure that you get the one that is right for you. You’re going to have to make this next decision on your own, as I can’t tell you. I like the R1 and the mellower concave personally. What will you pick? Well, I don’t know, just pick one that fits your skateboarding needs and ride!

For those that aren't sure about all of this, here are some videos that kind of talk about this overall:

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