Friday, December 4, 2015

Traffic Skateboards Motor Oil Cruz Skateboard Deck

This is the last skateboarding I’m featuring right now from Traffic Skateboards, mainly because I’ve got a ton of new stuff to talk about. This is from Yonnie Cruz and Traffic skateboards. It’s his pro model from the Motor Oil series, and it’s one of my favorites. I like the colorways, the shape, and the style of Cruz’s skateboarding. I used to skate with this kid Christian Cruz, and I always hoped that we would’ve turned pro. But hey, maybe Yonnie and Christian are related? That’d be killer. Anyways, this skateboard deck features the classic, crisp design from Traffic skateboards, and of course reppin a Latino rider. Just like my buddy Jorge over on the South Side of Indy. Sup Jorge!

So if you’re interested in Traffic skateboards, or simply need a new skateboard, check them out by going online here. You can get some of their latest releases, and get back to hitting the streets or the park, whatever you prefer and rip it up.

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