Monday, May 30, 2016

The Official Unofficial Barcelona HD Video

Krooked Went To Spain, and You Didn't
The Krooked Skateboards crew were flown into Barcelona for some amazing skateboarding, and tapas. I'm sure the tapas were great, but here you go, you bastards, an edit of the Barcelona trip that Krooked was on. If you're a fan, buy Krooked boards here, and if you're not, click below to see the video in all of its HD glory, then hit the streets because it's warm outside!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Baker Skateboards x Scion Skateboarding Video

Baker Skateboards x Scion Skateboarding Video
Let me just say, that all this week I've been trying to wrap my head around selling out and skateboarding. Then I see this video. I guess we are living in a different world. I grew up with brands not going corporate, and well, today? Skateboarding and big corporations are in bed together. This is a stellar video, even though I can't stand behind corporations buying their way into Skateboarding. Then again, I have bills and these guys do too, so if it pays, why not?

I don't know. I'm conflicted. Baker Skateboards and Scion pulls through one hell of a trip in this video, so maybe it's not so bad? I don't know. Check it out, skate and destroy.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Girl and Chocolate Skateboards Mexico Trip Video

Girl and Chocolate Skateboards Mexico Trip Video
Girl and Chocolate hit the road to Mexico and the camera's were in fact rolling. You're going to find that the crew took on my home country and pulled out some of the best tricks. Man, these guys are talented. After this, you may want to get your passport and hit up Mexico for some sick skateboarding spots out there. Love this, watch this, and then hit the streets.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

On The Road With Krux In Kroatia HD Video

On The Road With Krux In Kroatia Video
Krux recently went on a road trip to Kroatia, yes that Kroatia, and pulled through some incredible footage. The Krux team really killed it, and this edit is proof that the guys are at their all time best. I'm impressed, and it's only 6 minutes. It's 6 minutes and it's definitely something grand. Once again, this makes me want to hit the streets, and see all the spots I'm missing in this great city. After you watch this, hit the road, skate, and destroy.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Chris Pfanner's Where We Come From Full Part HD Video

Chris Pfanner's Where We Come From Full Part HD Video
Chris Pfanner's part from "Where We Come From" makes me and possilby everyone that sees this, want to skate. The weather is warming up here in Indianapolis, and there are some sick spots to skate. So perhaps this will be my ticket to getting back into the skate world. Pfanner's style is great, and the visual design of this video is great overall. Check this one out and then hit the streets!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Adidas Far and Away Episode 6 HD Skateboarding Video

Adidas Far and Away Episode 6 

Adidas skateboarding has been on a tear lately. They released this video "Far and Away" episode 6, in which they detail a backyard skateboard park. This is what I want in my home, to be honest. If I ever get a house, I would love to have this in place. Adidas may be a big company, but they seem to be pushing skateboarding culture in a lot of different ways. I don't know, it's hard to hate on this.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Time To Buy ALL Marc Johnson Chocolate Skateboards and Lakai Shoes

Jankem Magazine posted an interview with Mike Carroll, in which Mike threw Marc Johnson off the team. Johnson has left Lakai for the corporate blood sucking machine known as Adidas, as all pros are now going corporate aka Selling Out to many. I don’t care that much, but hey, a spade is a spade, right?

As for what happens next, I don’t know. But I will say this much, it’s time to buy ALL Marc Johnson skateboards and Lakai shoes you can find.


They Will Go Up In Value

If history is any indicator as to how these things play out, you’re going to see a huge jump in value of these boards.


Because Chocolate Skateboards is NOT going to be making any more, and will not be supplying your local shops with more decks. This is it folks, if you have been waiting on getting a new board, then now is the time to pick up decks from Marc Johnson.

Or maybe not. I don’t know if this is a fact, but I will say this much, Johnson’s departure from Lakai and now getting kicked of Chocolate is causing a lot of stir on the internet, and there will no doubt be a mad dash to pick up the decks.

So, to make it easier, you can buy Marc Johnson Chocolate Skateboards by Clicking here. They will be shipped to your home or office.

Again, these will NOT be made again, they are done. Chocolate Skateboards has kicked Marc Johnson off the team for lying about his Adidas jump. I’m wearing a pair of MJ Lakai’s right now, and will be buying a few more too. Why not? They are comfortable. Until we hear from Marc Johnson, the story goes he lied, got kicked off Chocolate Skateboards, has left Lakai, and hasn't said anything to the tune of Mike's interview with Jankem magazine. That is all.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mike Carroll Calls Out Marc Johnson For Being A Sellout And A Liar

There are a lot of takeaways that you can get from the May 17, 2016 interview that Mike Carroll did with Jankem Magazine. Some of which is obvious, other things not so obvious.

The main things that you will see is that Marc Johnson, even though he cites reasons in the Skateboard Mag interview here, sold out. Not only that, Carroll calls him out as a liar, and a sell out all the same.

If you read the interview, you will see that Johnson wasn’t supposed to announce that he left Lakai. Lakai already had a full production run of shoes for Johnson, and well, now they are screwed because he’s not on the team.

Johnson, as you may know, moved on to Adidas. He left Lakai, but was supposed to hold off on saying anything because of the Lakai production run coming out, and the need to sell through that.

Well, too bad, Johnson not only left Lakai, he lied to Carroll about it.

So what?

Well, Johnson just got kicked of Chocolate.

This all smells of the same thing that went down with World Industries. The reason why Koston, Mariano, Song, and Johnson may be leaving is because there’s a lot of money being thrown around the skateboarding industry, and it’s not “skater owned and operated” business. It’s big companies with fat pay days for skaters that are getting older, have families, and are selling out.

Then again, you draw your own conclusion.

You can read the interview with Mike Carroll and all the drama with Marc Johnson at Jenkem Mag HERE.

Daewon Song and Marc Johnson Interview About Selling Out

Marc Johnson and Daewon Song sold out according to a lot of skateboarders when they left their long time sponsors and went with Adidas skateboarding.

No joke.

Everyone watching skateboarding is talking about this right now.

The two professionals sit down with The Skateboard Mag and address the issues of pro skateboarding today.

You can say they sold out, but honestly, dudes got to eat, support family, etc.

I wish I could sell out. More on Selling Out via

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Zero Skateboards Cervantes Skateboard Decks - On Sale Now

Zero skateboards turned out some interesting graphics as of late. Here are 3 of my favorites from their resident artist series. The first one is particular amazing. You can pick these up from Zero Skateboards by clicking here.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Eric Koston WKND Skateboarding Welcome Part Video

Eric Koston's First WKND Part 
The skateboarding world got big news when Koston and Mariano left Girl Skateboards. But where would they end up? Well, if you are following this blog, and why wouldn't you be, you now know that he has teamed up with WKND Skateboards. All of his boards are officially sold out, and you can't get any right now. But you can scope out his official part, below, and holy crap, it's fun. It's not serious, and you'll definitely see it. The song is right, the skateboarding looks like Koston is having fun, and it's just "FUN" like it should be. Then again, Koston is mega rich, so fun is just part of that, right? I'm broke, so I don't have fun.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thrasher Magazine’s King of The Road 2016 Episode 1 HD Video Presented By Vice Magazine

King of The Road Episode 1

Skateboarder fans, it’s here, finally, the Thrasher Magazine’s King of The Road 2016! This time around you’re going to see Toy Machine, Birdhouse, and Chocolate skateboards are going to be hitting the road in the ultimate contest of skateboarding insanity. In this 44 minute episode, you’re going to see Andy Roy, Jake Phelps, and the crew in Seattle. I miss it. They start at Marginal Way Skateboard Park in Seattle.

This show made me absolutely miss living in Seattle. I lived there for 3 years, and it means the world to me. The Emerald city is one of the most compelling and beautiful places. If you want to experience a serious city, go there, enjoy it, it’s well worthwhile. The skate community in Seattle is awesome.

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of Thrasher Magazine’s King of The Road 2016, here it is after the jump. Watch it, and then get to the streets and skate. My calf is killing me, otherwise I’d be out there skateboarding right now.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Welcome To Pizza Skateboards Chase Webb HD Skate Video Part

Chase Webb is one of the latest young rippers to get on Pizza Skateboards. The brand may have a funny name to some, but they are putting on a showcase of talented riders, and some really playful graphics in an era of skateboarding where many people take things way too seriously. Chase Webb’s part really showers the tricks, from rails to vert, and everything in between. This guy is poised to make a splash, and if not, then this is a great feature. Watch out for the hubbas, holy crap, as well as the kinked rails, and nice transitions across various pits. Kinked rail 50-50 really had me, but overall, this is a great introduction to Chase Webb and Pizza skateboards. Check it out after the jump, and see what the hype is all about right now. This kid rips. Congrats Chase Webb, you rip!

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