Sunday, May 1, 2016

Welcome To Pizza Skateboards Chase Webb HD Skate Video Part

Chase Webb is one of the latest young rippers to get on Pizza Skateboards. The brand may have a funny name to some, but they are putting on a showcase of talented riders, and some really playful graphics in an era of skateboarding where many people take things way too seriously. Chase Webb’s part really showers the tricks, from rails to vert, and everything in between. This guy is poised to make a splash, and if not, then this is a great feature. Watch out for the hubbas, holy crap, as well as the kinked rails, and nice transitions across various pits. Kinked rail 50-50 really had me, but overall, this is a great introduction to Chase Webb and Pizza skateboards. Check it out after the jump, and see what the hype is all about right now. This kid rips. Congrats Chase Webb, you rip!

Not familiar with Pizza Skateboard Decks? Here's a couple.

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