Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Finishing Lines in West Africa – Skateboarding In Africa with Michael Mackrodt Video

Skateboarding In Western Africa 
What do you think about when you consider Western Africa? For me, I’m reminded of the missionaries I met that were in the Gambia and Sierra Leone. They were setting up churches and orphanages. They even found a baby in the bushes, abandoned by the parents. It was sad. When they made it back to the United States, they didn’t seem to fit in. They wanted to go back, and that’s my only memory of them. Skateboarding and West Africa is not what I immediately think about when discussing western Africa, but now that I’ve seen “Finishing Lines” I’m thinking that it’s an untapped resource for skateboarding glory.

West Africa Is A Skateboarding Mecca

Skateboarders are interesting in that they look at the streets with a new light. West Africa may be a mecca in regards to untapped resources for concrete and more. In the video “Finishing Lines” Michael Mackrodt takes you on a journey that makes the search for skating in the streets come alive in an all new way. It’s fascinating, to say the least. This changes everything for those that are thinking about pushing and kicking through the spots that are untapped in this locale.

Michael Mackrodt Pushes Through Trick After Trick

Mackrodt’s pushes through tricks, and it’s great to see. Amidst all the skate videos that are coming out, this is the most eclectic in my view. Well, not as isolating as Jordan Sanchez’s Dumpster Part, but it’s still very good. What I like most about this, is that the exotic location that you don’t always see in skateboarding. Even though there are charities that go there, and there are some people trying to fund African skateboarding, you don’t always see new updates from there. This is a great video if you ask me.

Give Back To Skateboarders In Need In Africa 

Alright, I’ve led in to this way too much. But while I was looking through some ideas, I ran into Skate 4 Africa. This is a charity that wants to bring skateboards to Africa, and after seeing this video, I want to donate and spread the message about them. So, check out this video, get hyped, and then check out the Skate 4 Africa website after you buy some boards and send them over to them. Seriously, this is amazing, and you can support skaters directly!

Michael Mackrodt’s “Fishing Lines” in West Africa Video

Skate 4 Africa (src) Helps Provide Gear For Skaters 
Want to help West African skateboarders? Buy skateboard decks by clicking here, then send them to West Africa! Seriously. Learn more about Skate 4 Africa by going HERE and seriously, give back to an amazing cause.

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