Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jordan Sanchez Makes Dumpster Skateboarding Creative In This Video

Jordan Sanchez Skates Dumpsters Better Than You
When’s the last time you skated a dumpster. No, really. When’s the last time you were able to go out to a dumpster and just have a ball skateboarding on it, around it, in it, and got creative? Most people look at dumpsters and don’t assume you can do anything. But that’s not the truth. If you are serious about skateboarding, you will find creativity lurking through all corners and avenues. That’s what you will get with the amazing footage that Jordan Sanchez just put out.

Creative Skateboarding Is The Point

One of the things that is lost on the youth of skateboarding today, is creativity. It’s easy to just say that the 1990s were the best times in street skateboarding because of the creativity, but that’s not true. Right now, there are plenty of creative skaters out there, and with the latest dumpster Skateboarding from Jordan Sanchez, you can truly say that there’s a lot of great things that you can do with a skateboard and a dumpster. Don’t think you can skate vert, or can’t barrel down a flight of stairs, don’t worry, this should inspire you to pick up a board and go to work.

Dumpster Skateboarding Is Not Just A Clever Name

What I would like to remind you when you look at this bit of dumpster Skateboarding, is that it’s absolutely creative. It uses dumpsters, and skateboards in such a creative fashion. This is the reason why so many people started skateboarding, because there’s beauty in the world of skating, and it’s sometimes lost in the flood of corporate sponsorship, 12,000-dollar magazine ads and so much more. However, every now and again there comes some great skateboarding, and this is one of them. Jordan Sanchez for Welcome Skateboards puts on a showcase of creativity, even if it is entitled dumpster Skateboarding.

Jordan Sanchez Dumpster Skateboarding Video For Welcome Skateboards

Want to support Jordan Sanchez and creative skateboarding? Then purchase skateboard decks and gear by clicking here. Do it. Support dumpster Skateboarding videos and the scene as a whole. Or don’t, and be an idiot.

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