Saturday, January 23, 2016

5BORO 5BNY Video Speaks Volumes About The New York Brand – Video HD

5Boro Skateboards - Official HD Video Release 

5Boro NYC Really Pushes The Limits With Their Latest Skate Video Release

Are you one of the many that have just got on a board? Or are you older? Wiser? I grew up on the west coast. Santa Monica to be exact. Before it got too expensive to live in, I was skateboarding on the west side, but I was always told that I had an “east coast” style. I didn’t understand what anyone meant, until I moved east. Now that I’m here in Indianapolis, and it’s cold, I know what it means. No matter how cold it is, no matter what people say, I’m skateboarding. Inside, outside, near the dumpsters, anywhere I can get a quick session in, I get one going.

What does that have anything to do with 5Boro NYC? Nothing really. However, with the release of their latest video, I am reminded yet again about the east coast style of skateboarding. What can I say, I think that the team has a lot of style, and that’s something great in regards to skateboarding. Sometimes the skill set isn’t always necessary, sometimes style is better, and that’s just my two cents. I am a skater through and through, but I never had the style of these east coast cats.

Check Out Some Sick Artwork From 5Boro NYC Here 

If you haven’t really focused on anything from 5Boro NYC, you are missing out. I discussed their boards on this site, and I am proud to showcase their video, albeit from Thrasher Magazine, since I don’t have the connections to get an HD rip for my own. Whatever the case is, here you go, 30 minutes of skateboarding from the 5Boro NYC brand that you should be supporting.

5Boro NYC, act like you know. If you don’t, now you do, here is 30 minutes of skateboarding from the team that is just too good for me to keep rambling about. Watch it, then go outside, unless it’s snowing, then find an indoor park and rip it. Here in Indy, it’s cold, but I’m about to hit the covered parking lot for some tre flips, then going to hit up a secrets pot by some train tracks. But first, one more look at the latest video from 5Boro NYC.

Stoked on the footage? Then support the 5Boro NYC Skateboarding Team by BUYING skate decks here. Each deck sold directly supports skate shops online, and the skaters themselves. Do it!

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