Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Toy Machine Skateboards Latest Skateboard Decks

Toy Machine Skateboards December 2015 Releases
Ah yes, if there’s one company that I always look forward to seeing release skateboard decks, it’s Toy Machine Skateboards. I don’t know what it is, but they put out some incredible skateboards. Oh wait, it’s because their main art director is Ed Templeton. Ed Templeton is the best. After the jump, check out the gallery of boards available from Toy Machine Skateboards!

Artists of all skill levels needed for small drawing projects

Artists of all skill levels needed for small drawing projects 

compensation: $10 - $500 per project

Stock photograph company is in need of artists from all skill levels and backgrounds.

We are in need images, clip art, and hand drawn items for small projects.

Projects pay from $10 - $500 each

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Spotlight: Toy Machine Skateboards – Decks and Beyond

Toy Machine Skateboards Logo - Skate or Die
Toy Machine skateboards is the first major company that I started to really enjoy supporting when I was a teenager. Mainly because of their fearless leader, Ed Templeton. The dude had some amazing style, at least when I was growing up. I also loved The Muska, so when he got on Toy Machine I was all in. Through the years the skateboarding industry has changed, and even though Toy Machine skateboards evolved with it, their promotional campaigns, team, videos, and decks seemed to still rely on that classic, “blood sucking” Toy Machine skateboards company mantra. To this day, I’m still all about the blood sucking company, even though some may have forgotten all about the roots of Toy Machine skateboards. If you haven’t really checked in on them lately, you owe it to yourself to look at some of the boards, videos and random stuff they are throwing out. I for one am down, and here are a few shining examples of their continual push forward, even though the skate world changes all the time.

Toy Machine Skateboards has put out some sick skateboarding clips, and if you have been paying attention, then you already know. However, if you haven’t been paying attention at all, then you’re missing out on some of the clips that you definitely should check out today. Some of the team members on Toy machine skateboards right now include: Leo Romero, Daniel Lutheran, Josh Harmony, Collin Provost, Ed Templeton, Matt Bennett, Billy Marks, Jeremy Leabres, and Blake Carpenter. These guys have been representing for Toy Machine Skateboards hard, and you owe it to yourself to see what they’ve done on a skateboard in recent months. Especially some of the clips of Leo Romero and Daniel Lutheran tearing things up.

Toy Machine Skateboards has a ton of decks out right now. You can pick them up ranging from 30 bucks to upwards of 90 bucks for a complete. The last Toy Machine deck I owned was an Ed Templeton classic, but there’s so many on the market right now, that you have a ton of options to choose from. If you’re looking to pick up a new deck, and you want to represent or try to get on Toy Machine, then you should definitely get one of their decks, skate hard and film it. Then send it to them, and other companies. Whatever the case is, you can pick up decks here and get free shipping. Or you can visit your local skateboard shop to get in on the action. I for one prefer online, especially since I don’t have a local shop near me, and I know for a fact some shops are now selling via amazon. Anyways, Toy Machine is a perennial brand that isn’t going anywhere, so if you’re going to support skateboarding, especially pro models, then why not go with Toy Machine Skateboard decks? Seriously.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

GX1000: Taiwan HD Skateboarding HD Video - Thrasher Magazine

Gx1000 Hits Taiwan 

Thrasher Magazine just put up the latest rundown from the GX1000 series of skateboarding videos. They were previously in Japan. This time around they are in Taiwan. The thing is, I don't know much about GX1000 or the brand they are reppin. I did manage to find a Tumblr page, and a Big Cartel page for merch. Other than that, I don't know much about the company, brand, or the video. Well, that's not completely true, I know that some of the riders include: Jake Johnson, Brian Delatorre, Al Davis, Stevie Perez, Ben Gore, and Yonnie Cruz. So there, at least now you know some of the riders are on Traffic, and what not. Either way, check this mess out after the jump.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What Happens When Skateboarders Switch Skateboards With Each Other?

Watch What Happens When Skaters Switch Boards!
Skateboarders usually stick to their own skateboards, as it’s very personal. But what happens when they switch? Well, here’s a video that illustrates just that! That’s right, two skaters switch boards and go for gold! You have to see this to believe it!

Monday, December 21, 2015

SK8 MAFIA Skateboards - School Series Decks Out Now!

Sk8 Mafia School Series Skateboard Decks

Sk8 Mafia comes through with a set of skateboards that are perfect for the wall in your dorm, your home, or to ride around your city. These graphics are definitely interesting, and showcase every skater's dream. After the jump, check out a gallery of the rest of the skateboards from Sk8 Mafia skateboards. Holy crap these are cool.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Creature Skateboards WWE/WWF Wrestling Zombies Skateboard Decks - Out Now!

Creature Skateboards really knocked one out of the park with this set of skateboards. This is a series of skateboards that may not last for long. They are zombie skateboards with artwork that features WWE/WWF old school wrestlers.

Buy Creature Skateboard Decks By Clicking Here and Get Free Shipping!

Friday, December 18, 2015

15 Years of enjoi Full Retrospective Video HD

Enjoi skateboards celebrated 15 years of being alive and well, and they put out a video documentary to chronicle it all. If you didn't catch the video, or if you're sleepy like me, here's the full hour long documentary about the forming of the company, the team from past and present, and more. It's really a cool doc, well done. Check it out after the jump of course.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ishod Wair's "Sabotage 4" Part

Real Skateboards rider Ishod Wair pulls through some classy footage in this part from "Sabotage 4" if you haven't seen it yet, here it is in all VHS glory. It's new, so don't sleep on this one. After the jump is the goodness of street skateboarding's finest.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

RIPNDIP "Puerto Rico" Video

If this video doesn't make you want to skateboard in Puerto Rico, then you're just blind, dumb, or just dumb. Anyways, check out this feature from the RIPNDIP crew in Puerto Rico. After the jump, HD video glory, suckers.

Skateboard Photographers Needed - Get Paid For Instagram

Skateboard Photographers Needed - Get Paid For Instagram
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Instagram users will be preferred for this opportunity. You already use the app, why not ensure you get paid for your photographs?

Skateboarding photographers, this is your chance to get PAID too. Click here to look into this gig.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

KR3W's "VanKR3Wver" Video

Krew did a run for the border and put on a showcase of street skateboarding along the way. Here's an HD edit of their adventures. Don't miss out on this one, it's really cool to see the team ripping hard.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Real Skateboards The Jesus Piece Peter Ramondetta Skateboard Deck – Out Now!

Real Skateboards The Jesus Piece Peter Ramondetta Skateboard Deck – Out Now!

Real Skateboards Decks and More Available Here 

Holy crap, Real Skateboards really puts one on with this deck. If you’re not familiar with Ramondetta, then you’ve been asleep for some time. Ramondetta has some killer tranny skills, and I’ve seen him rip with the Creature skateboards guys before. This deck is a more well-rounded skateboard for both transition and street skateboarding. I rode a Ramondetta deck for a minute, while I was learning how to manage a skateboard bowl. Real Skateboards put this out alongside others in the Jesus Piece series, and this one is a bit on the evil side. The dark side, if you will, is stellar here and definitely something you gotta watch out for. If you’re not religious or anything, Ramondetta’s skateboard models are going to be right up your alley. Real Skateboards really does well here, I love it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Real Skateboards The Jesus Piece Chima Skateboard Deck – Out Now!

Real Skateboards The Jesus Piece Chima Skateboard Deck – Out Now!

Real Skateboards Decks and More Available Here 

Real Skateboards always has quality decks. But they outdid themselves with this one, in my opinion. There’s something really cool about the drawing and colors on this one. This is from the Real Skateboards “Jesus” piece line up. It’s something that you are absolutely going to enjoy overall. It’s a classic look from Real, and the colorway and drawing really is something else. I like the Egyptian nod to the piece, and it’s really a nice colorway. Chima’s a great skater, if you haven’t seen his stuff before, dude can rip. Real Skateboards has a killer team, hands down some of the best riders right now in skateboarding.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Real Skateboards Spirit Animal Chima Skateboard Deck – Out Now!

Real Skateboards Spirit Animal Chima Skateboard Deck – Out Now!

Real Skateboards Decks and More Available Here 
Did you see the Epicly Later’d With Chima? I give the guy mad respect. With this skateboard you get a little bit of a Tiki god feel. I like it. It’s got that island element, and it has that totem pole thing that goes back to where he’s from. I believe he’s from Australia, and well you can draw your own conclusions on that. There’s so much going on with this deck, if you look closely. The colorway is great, but look for the eagles, the dud’s heads, and the boobs that are masked. Plus you got dolphins, and you get intriguing graphical elopements. Chima rips, so this is a great deck for him. If you’re into flip tricks, here is a deck you can’t pass up.

Monday, December 7, 2015

What Skateboard Style Should I Buy – Real Skateboards Edition – How To Pick A Board

Real Skateboards Decks and More Available Here 
You hit your local skateboard shop and there it is, a wall of skateboards. Which one should you buy? Do you go by graphic? Do you go buy skateboard brand? Do you go by the rider? Well, this is a decision that could make or break your skateboarding for the next few months. For me, it would determine whether or not I would buy a new deck within a matter of weeks. If you’re skateboarding daily, then you may need a few boards to get you through until the next month or after that. With so many choices to make, which should go for? Well, today’s innovations have lent themselves to far better skateboard decks, including great stuff from Real Skateboards. I have been showcasing some of their skateboards, and you know what? They have done a lot to innovate, or at least explain the options that they have out. With that in mind, let’s run down the board types for skateboards that come from Real. If you’re not sure what skateboard to buy, but want to pick up one from Real Skateboards, here is some food for thought.

Real Skateboards Roll Forever Busenitz Skateboard Deck – Out Now!

Real Skateboards Decks and More Available Here 

Real Skateboards has provided me with some great decks in the past. This time around they have a series out that you may recognize, but others may not. This deck is from that series, and it features Busenitz’s pro model. I like this particular option because of the coffin deck graphic. I used to ride the coffin deck from Creature, if you remember that one, and saw this, and had to comment on it. I love the sunburst colorway, the coffin deck calling you to ride forever, it’s all good here. Real Skateboards really knocks it out of the park with the release of this skateboard, if I do say so myself. You’re going to find that this is more of a cruiser, than a trick deck, but that depends on your preferred sizing.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Real Skateboards Spirit Animal Brock Skateboard Deck – Out Now!

Real Skateboards Decks and More Available Here 
Have you stopped by your local skateboard shop lately? If you’re like me, you don’t want to go to Zumiez, but sometimes that is the only place you can find skateboards. Anyways, I was looking at the latest models going up online and noticed something grand. This deck right here is from Real Skateboards, and it features the “spirit animal” series. Check out the graphic after the jump below.

Friday, December 4, 2015

What Size Skateboard Deck Should I Ride?

Does Skateboard Size Matter? It Doesn't Really
As a skateboarder I have been asked this a ton by kids. I’m 35 years old right now. I skateboard in the streets, in parking lots, and wherever I go traveling. Kids come up to me and always ask about whether or not the skateboard they ride is a good fit. Well, it’s something to consider overall. Skateboards come in nearly every size and in some instances come in mini sizes. Which is best for your needs? Well, that’s a matter of preference.

Seriously, it’s a matter of preference. In my teenage years I rode a 7.75 x 31.5 all the time. Then I bought an 8.25 x 32 and thought it was too big. I ended up buying a second board at 7.87 x 32 and that was good for a while. But now? I’m riding an 8 x 32. The 8 is a good middle ground for me. However, if you are going to be doing a lot of flip tricks, then I would suggest going down to 7.75 x 31.5 or so.

If you’re going to be hitting a bowl or going to hit vert, you should go with 8.5 x 31.5 or so. If you’re cruising the streets, then get a 9 x 31 or shorter. However, you can do just about anything with all of these boards.

Recently, I saw Braille Skateboarding put up a video on this topic. It’s something that I absolutely agree with. Aaron from Braille Skateboarding talks about the size differential and shows you how he skates with each different site. I can affirm that it’s definitely a positive. I ride an 8 when I skate, do flip tricks, and grind rails. If I’m going to hit a mini ramp, I’ll ride an 8.5. If I go for a longer ride, I ride a Krooked 9-inch cruiser. I'm 5'10" tall, and 225 pounds, and my shoe size is a size 12. I have different boards for different things.

Anyways, check out this video for more of an explanation.

5Boro Skateboards In Paris Skateboarding Video

I’m late on this, but hey, I can’t always be on top of everything that gets pushed out, as I’m just trying to find stuff to share with others. Anyways, I posted up some 5Boro Skateboards earlier, and wanted to complement that with a video from the 5Boro Skateboards team. That being said, this is a little older, from last year, but it’s the team skateboarding through Paris, France. I’ve always wanted to go there and skate, but alas, my skate career has me writing for a living, and not necessarily hitting the streets as hard. Maybe one day I can sponsor a team and take them to the spots, and I can film, etc. Whatever the case is, here’s 5Boro Skateboards skateboarding in the streets of Paris, France.

Stoked on the 5Boro skateboards video, decks, and what not? Make sure that you pick up some of their boards by going here. Save some money, get the decks, and skate your city. Document it, and drop me a line, I’ll share it. But first, buy some 5Boro Skateboards here.

5Boro Skateboards Monica Kim Garza Skateboards Series

5Boro Skateboards x Monica Kim Garza
5Boro Skateboards pushed through a very unique collaboration of skateboards. This is with artist Monica Kim Garza. Garza is an artist that has a very unique style, and the 5Boro Skateboards series reflects that. These decks are unique, one of a kind, and most likely limited edition. This is the kind of artistry that Manik Skateboards used to do a lot of, before they fell. I’m hoping that 5Boro skateboards continues this type of collaborative effort, because it truly is a beautiful thing to see. Unfortunately for you readers, I had to censor the images because of Bloggers TOS, but you can get the uncensored graphics and more online or at your local skateboard shop.

This release from 5Boro Skateboards is called the “Caliente” series. Monica Kim Garza is an artist that paints curves, and it’s evident here. You should seriously look into the artwork she produces, it’s impressive to say the least. These skateboards are just the beginning.
5Boro Skateboards Monica Kim Garza Skateboards Series 

5Boro Skateboards Monica Kim Garza Skateboards Series 

5Boro Skateboards Monica Kim Garza Skateboards Series 

5Boro Skateboards Monica Kim Garza Skateboards Series 

5Boro Skateboards Monica Kim Garza Skateboards Series 

Yonnie Cruz Traffic Skateboards Part From "Incognito" by Mike Atwood Video

There's a new killer independent skateboarding video called "Incognito" out of Miami, Florida by videomaker Mike Atwood. There's a ton of good skateboarding in it, so go scope that out. This part below features Traffic skateboards rider Yonnie Cruz. I featured his deck earlier, and ran into this footage. Holy crap, you gotta give it up to the guy, he's rippin hard. If you're not pumped to skate now, I don't know what will get you pumped.

If you don't have a deck, go here, get the latest from Traffic skateboards, and stop watching skate videos. Well watch the one below, then go outside and skate. I'm out! 

Traffic Skateboards Motor Oil Cruz Skateboard Deck

This is the last skateboarding I’m featuring right now from Traffic Skateboards, mainly because I’ve got a ton of new stuff to talk about. This is from Yonnie Cruz and Traffic skateboards. It’s his pro model from the Motor Oil series, and it’s one of my favorites. I like the colorways, the shape, and the style of Cruz’s skateboarding. I used to skate with this kid Christian Cruz, and I always hoped that we would’ve turned pro. But hey, maybe Yonnie and Christian are related? That’d be killer. Anyways, this skateboard deck features the classic, crisp design from Traffic skateboards, and of course reppin a Latino rider. Just like my buddy Jorge over on the South Side of Indy. Sup Jorge!

So if you’re interested in Traffic skateboards, or simply need a new skateboard, check them out by going online here. You can get some of their latest releases, and get back to hitting the streets or the park, whatever you prefer and rip it up.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Last Guy Mariano Skateboard On Girl Skateboards - Available Now!

One Last Deck for Guy Mariano - Leaving Girl Skateboards
News is out, Eric Koston and Guy Mariano are leaving Girl Skateboards. With that news, comes this skateboard. This is the last Guy Mariano skateboard deck for Girl Skateboards and Active Ride Shop. There are 2 color ways, this is the one that they are selling online. I don't live anywhere near a shop, so I can't get the other colorway, which is white with contrasting colors. You're no doubt going to want to get this, and you can do so here:

Word on the street is that Guy and Koston will be forming their own, or perhaps the other ugly rumor is true: 

NIKE SB is setting up skateboard production. Look out, Nike to buy ALL things skateboarding. 

Kevin Coakley's Traffic Skateboards Part via Thrasher Skate Video

I featured Kevin Coakley's Traffic Skateboard deck, so why not showcase some of his skateboarding? This is East Coast steez, and I love it. Coakley has some great footage here, with Traffic Skateboards video released last year or so, this is one to get stoked on. It got me outside this morning, that's for sure. I don't ride a Traffic Skateboard deck, but I may look into getting a couple of decks. Check this out, and then hit the streets suckas!

Don't have a skateboard deck? Dude, check out Traffic Skateboards here, and get yourself one before it gets too cold to skate, assuming you're like me and aren't in So Cal. 

Traffic Skateboards Motor Oil Coakley Skateboard Deck

Kevin Coakley’s Motor Oil series pro model from Traffic Skateboards is a cool one if you ask me. It’s got that San Francisco vibe to it, and it really stands out against the others in the series. The baseball logo design front is really nice, and the crisp green, orange, and black make this one a must have if you’re from the Northern part of California. If you’re not, like me, then you may just be stoked on Coakley’s skateboarding or Traffic skateboards latest releases. Whatever the case is, this is an instant classic if you ask me.

Thinking about picking up a new skate deck? Go here for the latest in Traffic Skateboards and more. Save some dough, get it faster if you’re an Amazon prime member. Otherwise, check it in the streets.

Traffic Skateboards Exposure Series Deck - Now Available!

Traffic Skateboards has a series out that caught my eye. This is a series of skateboards called "Traffic Exposure" and it's really cool. It's basically Traffic photography from various locations around the globe for the pro riders on the team. If you are going to pick up a skateboard from Traffic, check out these decks and then click on the links provided to pick up the latest. Traffic Skateboards is coming out of the east coast/midwest area, so support the riders, and get pro skateboard decks.

Traffic Skateboards Exposure Series Deck - Available Here

Traffic Skateboards Exposure Series Deck - Available Here

Traffic Skateboards Exposure Series Deck - Available Here

Traffic Skateboards Exposure Series Deck - Available Here

Traffic Skateboards Exposure Series Deck - Available Here

Pick up these and more from Traffic Skateboards by clicking here. You can save money, get free shipping, and hit the streets. Check out "Traffic Patterns" below from Traffic Skateboards, and get hyped on the skill coming out of PA from this company. These skateboards are out now!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Zoo York Skateboards Presents: Gavin Nolan Ivy League Skateboarding Video

Pick up Zoo York Skate Hard and Soft Goods Here
Zoo York team rider Gavin Nolan gets into some skateboarding mayhem with this video part.

Pick up Zoo York gear, skateboards, and more by going here. Get hyped, watch this clip, and hit the streets!

ZOO YORK proudly presents, IVY LEAGUE, starring East-Coast technician, Gavin Nolan.

Filmed on location in Boston, Philadelphia and New York City.

Directed by Ben Oleynik
Filmed & Edited by R.B. Umali
Additional Filming by Tom Gorelik and Elliott Vecchia

Traffic Skateboards Update From December 2014 Video

I'm a little late on the release of the Traffic Skateboard update, but I still dig it. This came out December 2014, but a year later, these guys are still ripping and reppin Traffic Skateboards. This video features:  Luke Malaney, Brendan Carroll, Kevin Coakley, and Yonnie Cruz, and with appearances by Mark Wetzel, George Hanuschak, Pat Stiener, Hiroki Muraoka, Deshi, and Rich Adler. Video by Joe Bressler.

If you're stoked on this Traffic Skateboards update, and the decks I've been showcasing, be sure to go online and pick up some of their skateboard decks. You can get Traffic Skateboards online here. 

Traffic Skateboards Motor Oil Adler Skateboard Deck

Traffic Skateboards once again does the cool thing here, for the Adler Motor Oil pro skateboard deck. This one features a bit more contrast in the colors, but still has that Traffic Skateboards sensibility. I like the way this one is set up, with the colors black, yellow, and red working with the skeleton. I really dig the vibe and it seems to be another instant classic from that Chocolate artistry, even though this is not them. It’s Traffic Skateboards, and you know, their work is growing on me.

You can find Traffic Skateboards for sale here, or visit your local skate shop. I should start one, shouldn’t I? Until then, check out their latest decks online right now.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Traffic Skateboards Matchbook Series Skateboard Decks Available Now

Traffic Matchbook Series Decks Out Now!
Traffic Skateboards has just released a series of skateboards that are really cool. These are from the “Matchbook” series that they are promoting, and the graphics are simply awesome. They have matchbook style artwork, and each one focuses on the personality of the pro riders. Traffic skateboards is coming out of Philadelphia, and they are making a serious name for themselves with these decks. If you’re a fan of riding wider decks, then you will no doubt want to pick up the wider board for vert skateboarding or filming parts. Otherwise, you’ll find that this series ties together art, design and more.

You can pick up skateboards from Traffic Skateboards online by clicking here. Free shipping on most decks, so check it out.

Caste x Traffic Skateboards - Nate Pezzillo Video

Caste x Traffic Skateboards collaboration video comes through with some nice cinematic style for Nate Pezillo in this video. I love the way the filming of today's skateboarding is getting really cool overall. Sick stuff from Traffic and Caste, check it out below.

CASTE x TRAFFIC - Nate Pezzillo from Caste Quality on Vimeo.

Traffic Skateboards Motor Oil Deshi Skateboard Deck

Traffic skateboards is one of those brands that I always forget about, and it’s simply because I’m slow sometimes. Anyways, I caught up with some of their decks recently, and found 4 of them that I wanted to feature. Here’s the first for now. It’s from their Motor Oil series, and it’s for Deshi, one of their pro riders right now. Their graphics for this series reminds me a bit of Warhol, but in a more “cartoon” kind of way. Maybe a little Chocolate Skateboards vibe going on. I don’t know the artist, so forgive me on that one. Anyways, if you’re looking for Traffic skateboards, here’s one of the premier decks that they have out right now.

You can pick up Traffic Skateboards latest run of skateboard decks by clicking here, or simply find a local skate shop where they stock their stuff. I don’t have one near by, so I shop online.

Bones Brigade Christmas 2015 Ornaments Limited Edition Available Now

Bones Brigade Christmas 2015 Ornaments - Available Here
I just caught wind of one of the coolest set of ornaments available right now. The Holiday season is upon us, and if you’re going to decorate your tree, you will no doubt want to get some cool ornaments. Well, these are going to absolutely floor you, as they are perfect for the skater in your life.

I had to do a double check when I saw these, and it’s legit. These are Bones Brigade Christmas 2015 Ornaments. No joke. These are official from Bones Brigade! Six ornaments for 2015, and they are available right now. I’m not sure how long they will be available for, but if you’re going to pick up Christmas ornaments and are tired of the same old BS, then here you go, Bones Brigade Christmas 2015 Ornaments available now.

Pick up Bones Brigade Christmas 2015 Ornaments by clicking here, and surprise the skater in your life.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Stereo Skateboards Jazz 101 Skateboarding Decks by Mark Penxa

Stereo Skateboards Jazz 101 Skateboards by Mark Penxa
Stereo Skateboards is one of my favorite companies putting out skateboards right now. They find a way to make things artistic, and still put out great elements. I don’t know how I missed this one, but I wanted to feature them on this site for some time. Now, if you don’t know the company, it’s made famous by Jason Lee and Chris Pastras. The two owners have been putting out some amazing graphics, and skateboarding for some time. They have some sick pro riders on their team right now. The Stereo Skateboards team includes Matt Rodriguez, Tommy Fynn, and Clint Peterson. These guys rip, and of course Jason Lee and Chris Pastras still head up the main squad, albeit Jason Lee does more movies than skateboarding, right?

Chris Pastras - Stereo Skateboards Jazz 101

Clint Peterson - Stereo Skateboards Jazz 101

Jason Lee - Stereo Skateboards Jazz 101

Matt Rodriguez - Stereo Skateboards Jazz 101

Tommy Fynn - Stereo Skateboards Jazz 101

For the release of Stereo Skateboards Jazz 101, the company collaborates with Mark Penxa. His work is seen here with Jazz Icons on the decks. If you’re a collector of skateboards, and like putting them on the wall, here’s a set of 5 that you’re going to want to pick up, no doubt. These 5 skateboards from Stereo Skateboards are nothing short of impressive. I for one am going to be picking up all 5.

If you’re interested in buying anything from Stereo Skateboards then click here and order online. These probably won’t last long.

Stereo Skateboards Jordan Hoffart Presented by The Berrics Video

There’s a cinematic quality to the video that The Berrics put out featuring Stereo Skateboards rider Jordan Hoffart. Stereo Skateboards is one of those brands that I’ve always liked, but don’t hear a lot of people talking about. Their team is pretty solid, and of course Jason Lee’s name is still a good one to throw around the skateboarding world. Chris Pastras is great too. But they can’t hold down the team on their own, which is why guys like Jordan get in the mix. Well, dude can rip. With this video, you get a feel for the skateboarding that he does, and it’s just tech with a mix of gusto. Stereo Skateboards and The Berrics really do well in representing themselves here. Jordan Hoffart is killer, the quality of the video is really good, and the tricks are varied. You have flip tricks, you have gaps, rails, etc. 6 minutes and you’re down for the Stereo Skateboards that’s for sure.

Make sure to pick up Stereo Skateboards decks and more by going here and shopping online.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Toy Machine Skateboards Toons Series Leo Romero Skateboard Deck

Leo Romero Pro-Model From Toy Machine Skateboards
And here is the last of my write ups on the Toy Machine Toons Series. I’m sure you’re glad to see these go, but if not, then check out this latest from Leo Romero. This is the classic Tum Yeto Robot style, with bright yellow and blue. Toy machine’s font choices change up every deck I’ve discussed thus far. This Leo Romero deck is just another one of the classics that the brand is throwing out, so don’t lose sight of these. If you don’t see this at your local skate shop, then go online and pick one up.

If you liked any of the Toy Machine Skateboards that I discussed, pick one up by clicking here. You can save money, have them shipped to your home, and that’s about it, right? Yep. Anyways, back to more skateboarding talk in a minute, I’m going to get a quick sesh at my local skate park.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Daniel Lutheran's Propeller Raw Files Video

I featured a Daniel Lutheran skateboard deck from Toy Machine Skateboards, and well, I found this footage, and thought it would be cool to share it with you guys. This clip is of Daniel Lutheran dropping some serious skate style through a ton of spots, in a short span. Presented via Vans, Toy Machine Skateboards, and Thrasher Magazine. This dude rips. The Toy Machine team is quite good, Ed must be proud.

Got hyped? Check out Toy Machine Skateboards decks and more online here. Get hyped, get a deck, and go out there and skate the world! But first, watch this video.

Toy Machine Skateboards Toon Series Daniel Lutheran Skate Deck

Daniel Lutheran Pro-Model From Toy Machine Skateboards
Here’s another bit from the Toon series that Toy Machine Skateboards has put out. Again, if you haven’t been able to get to your local skateboard shop, or they don’t carry it, then you owe it to yourself to look at these boards, as they are kind of neat. Sure, they aren’t blood and guts, but they are still good overall boards from the blood sucking Toy Machine Skateboarding company. This one of course is for Daniel Lutheran, team rider, and quality skater. The colors on this one are cool, and the pop is always good overall.

Pick up Toy Machine Skateboards and other merch by clicking here, and saving some dough on hard goods, shirts, hats, and other random crap from Toy machine.

Free Skateboards

Friends of Street Skate Kings out there, we’ve decided to give back. We will be giving away skateboards later this month. Perhaps we will give out some more prizes, but for now, I know boards are hard to come by sometimes, so we’re going to be throwing out skateboards to those that need em. Not sure how to frame the contest yet, but we’ll work out details. If interested in free boards etc, drop me a line, comment, and let me know how we should throwdown a contest. All for the cause.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Jeremy Leabres Re-Education Toy Machine Skateboards Deprocessing Video

Well, I posted a Toy Machine skateboards deck for Jeremy Leabres, from the toon series, and decided to go ahead and post a video part from him so that you kids out there can see what his skate style. I gotta admit, the Toy Machine skateboards crew is sick in their video updates. This one comes from January 2015, and Thrasher put it out. I like the fact that in this video series there’s no “slo-mo” or any camera tricks. This isn’t the Lakai video. It’s just a throwback to a simpler time, yet it’s modern. This should get you stoked on Toy Machine skateboards and the caliber of skateboarding that Jeremy Leabres and the whole Toy Machine crew are putting out right now. I know I am.

Thinking about ordering Toy Machine Skateboards online? Do so here, and save on decks, clothing, and get free shipping for your troubles. Seriously, get 1 or 2 decks, but first watch this video from Toy Machine and Thrasher Magazine.

Toy Machine Skateboards Toon Series Jeremy Leabres Skate Deck

Jeremy Leabres Pro-Model From Toy Machine Skateboards
We’re continuing our highlights of the Toon Series from Toy Machine Skateboards, and this is the one in favor of Jeremy Leabres. The dude rips, and his pro model skate deck in this series is kind of cool. It’s very bright, there are no typos, and it showcases the loveable side of the blood sucking corporate Toy Machine. I like this deck a lot, and it’s because the brightness that I had to cave in and pick this up. I didn’t get all of them, just this one, and a set of wheels. I guess I’m odd. This one has good pop, and comes with the cool weirdo drawings that you’d expect from Toy Machine Skateboards at this point.

If you’re going to pick up anything from Toy Machine Skateboards, do so by clicking here and save yourself some time, money, and well, money. Seriously, pick up a skateboard deck, and give it to someone you loathe, or love, whatever.
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