Monday, November 30, 2015

Stereo Skateboards Jordan Hoffart Presented by The Berrics Video

There’s a cinematic quality to the video that The Berrics put out featuring Stereo Skateboards rider Jordan Hoffart. Stereo Skateboards is one of those brands that I’ve always liked, but don’t hear a lot of people talking about. Their team is pretty solid, and of course Jason Lee’s name is still a good one to throw around the skateboarding world. Chris Pastras is great too. But they can’t hold down the team on their own, which is why guys like Jordan get in the mix. Well, dude can rip. With this video, you get a feel for the skateboarding that he does, and it’s just tech with a mix of gusto. Stereo Skateboards and The Berrics really do well in representing themselves here. Jordan Hoffart is killer, the quality of the video is really good, and the tricks are varied. You have flip tricks, you have gaps, rails, etc. 6 minutes and you’re down for the Stereo Skateboards that’s for sure.

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