Friday, November 27, 2015

Jeremy Leabres Re-Education Toy Machine Skateboards Deprocessing Video

Well, I posted a Toy Machine skateboards deck for Jeremy Leabres, from the toon series, and decided to go ahead and post a video part from him so that you kids out there can see what his skate style. I gotta admit, the Toy Machine skateboards crew is sick in their video updates. This one comes from January 2015, and Thrasher put it out. I like the fact that in this video series there’s no “slo-mo” or any camera tricks. This isn’t the Lakai video. It’s just a throwback to a simpler time, yet it’s modern. This should get you stoked on Toy Machine skateboards and the caliber of skateboarding that Jeremy Leabres and the whole Toy Machine crew are putting out right now. I know I am.

Thinking about ordering Toy Machine Skateboards online? Do so here, and save on decks, clothing, and get free shipping for your troubles. Seriously, get 1 or 2 decks, but first watch this video from Toy Machine and Thrasher Magazine.

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