Sunday, November 29, 2015

Toy Machine Skateboards Toons Series Leo Romero Skateboard Deck

Leo Romero Pro-Model From Toy Machine Skateboards
And here is the last of my write ups on the Toy Machine Toons Series. I’m sure you’re glad to see these go, but if not, then check out this latest from Leo Romero. This is the classic Tum Yeto Robot style, with bright yellow and blue. Toy machine’s font choices change up every deck I’ve discussed thus far. This Leo Romero deck is just another one of the classics that the brand is throwing out, so don’t lose sight of these. If you don’t see this at your local skate shop, then go online and pick one up.

If you liked any of the Toy Machine Skateboards that I discussed, pick one up by clicking here. You can save money, have them shipped to your home, and that’s about it, right? Yep. Anyways, back to more skateboarding talk in a minute, I’m going to get a quick sesh at my local skate park.

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