Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bacon Skateboards Zero Skateboards Parody Deck

Bacon Skateboards Zero Parody Deck
Bacon Skateboards has a new series of skateboard decks that feature iconic artwork, and this time around, they put Zero Skateboards on blast. With their latest deck, Bacon Skateboards brings back that Zero skateboards graphic. I know I rode one of these back in the day, a 7.75 x 31.5 classic that got me kicked out of many a courthouse steps in Los Angeles. Well, here is the Bacon Skateboards tribute, or middle finger, or I don’t know, awesome skateboard deck! Bacon, sheesh, they are doing something to stir the pot, I love it. You’ll love it, get this skateboard deck.

If you're going to buy anything from Bacon Skateboards do so by clicking here. From completes, clothing, decks and more, you can pick up the latest from these guys here. If you missed their full length, then go back to my post on Bacon Skateboards here.

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