Friday, December 4, 2015

Yonnie Cruz Traffic Skateboards Part From "Incognito" by Mike Atwood Video

There's a new killer independent skateboarding video called "Incognito" out of Miami, Florida by videomaker Mike Atwood. There's a ton of good skateboarding in it, so go scope that out. This part below features Traffic skateboards rider Yonnie Cruz. I featured his deck earlier, and ran into this footage. Holy crap, you gotta give it up to the guy, he's rippin hard. If you're not pumped to skate now, I don't know what will get you pumped.

If you don't have a deck, go here, get the latest from Traffic skateboards, and stop watching skate videos. Well watch the one below, then go outside and skate. I'm out! 

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