Friday, December 4, 2015

5Boro Skateboards In Paris Skateboarding Video

I’m late on this, but hey, I can’t always be on top of everything that gets pushed out, as I’m just trying to find stuff to share with others. Anyways, I posted up some 5Boro Skateboards earlier, and wanted to complement that with a video from the 5Boro Skateboards team. That being said, this is a little older, from last year, but it’s the team skateboarding through Paris, France. I’ve always wanted to go there and skate, but alas, my skate career has me writing for a living, and not necessarily hitting the streets as hard. Maybe one day I can sponsor a team and take them to the spots, and I can film, etc. Whatever the case is, here’s 5Boro Skateboards skateboarding in the streets of Paris, France.

Stoked on the 5Boro skateboards video, decks, and what not? Make sure that you pick up some of their boards by going here. Save some money, get the decks, and skate your city. Document it, and drop me a line, I’ll share it. But first, buy some 5Boro Skateboards here.

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