Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Traffic Skateboards Matchbook Series Skateboard Decks Available Now

Traffic Matchbook Series Decks Out Now!
Traffic Skateboards has just released a series of skateboards that are really cool. These are from the “Matchbook” series that they are promoting, and the graphics are simply awesome. They have matchbook style artwork, and each one focuses on the personality of the pro riders. Traffic skateboards is coming out of Philadelphia, and they are making a serious name for themselves with these decks. If you’re a fan of riding wider decks, then you will no doubt want to pick up the wider board for vert skateboarding or filming parts. Otherwise, you’ll find that this series ties together art, design and more.

You can pick up skateboards from Traffic Skateboards online by clicking here. Free shipping on most decks, so check it out.

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