Monday, March 6, 2017

Primitive Skateboards Vampirella Skateboard Decks

When I was working at Seattle's #1 skateboard shop, I had this idea to mix skateboards and comic books. I was laughed at. But here is Primitive Skateboards coming out with official Vampirella decks. So what's up now mofos?

Hit the jump for the latest skateboarding clip from Primitive as well. I'm excited about these, can't say enough about Primitive's art direction.

I wish I worked for them. Instead, I'm freelancing like a chump, and it's been slow.

Diego Najera shows us his journey in skateboarding from his early days to him recently turning pro. Then puts on a homecoming demo in El Centro, CA with Paul Rodriguez, Carlos Ribeiro, Brian Peacock, Devine Calloway,Trent McClung and Robert Neal. Filmed and edited by by Alan Hannon. Additional filming by Kevin Perez and Ruben Najera

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