Monday, March 13, 2017

Doug Des Autels 100 Percent Skateboarding Montage HD Video

Doug Des Autels is one of my personal favorite skateboarders on Revive right now, and he kills it. He just released one hell of a montage featuring some Skatelab locals and himself killing it. I'm originally from southern California and can testify to how awesome Skatelab is. I never got to skate it, but these clips make me wish I was still living there.

Anyways, Doug Des Autels has a youtube channel called amskater, and he puts up awesome videos. Hit the jump and check out this latest skateboarding montage. It's so awesome.

You can support Doug with the following links! This guy rips, and he's a cool dude. Once I get a few bucks, I'm sending it his way, and picking up some stuff from Revive.

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