Friday, May 27, 2016

Baker Skateboards x Scion Skateboarding Video

Baker Skateboards x Scion Skateboarding Video
Let me just say, that all this week I've been trying to wrap my head around selling out and skateboarding. Then I see this video. I guess we are living in a different world. I grew up with brands not going corporate, and well, today? Skateboarding and big corporations are in bed together. This is a stellar video, even though I can't stand behind corporations buying their way into Skateboarding. Then again, I have bills and these guys do too, so if it pays, why not?

I don't know. I'm conflicted. Baker Skateboards and Scion pulls through one hell of a trip in this video, so maybe it's not so bad? I don't know. Check it out, skate and destroy.

As part of the Scion x Baker Skateboards team-up, the Baker skate team took a Scion iA and a Scion iM for a road trip through California, taking advantage the cars’ many standard features along the way. During the Bay Area stop of the journey, Baker members Andrew Reynolds, Don “Nuge” Nguyen, Cyril Jackson, Tristan Funkhouser, and Theotis Beasley hit up some spots in San Francisco, before travelling across the Golden Gate Bridge to a packed skate demo. Impressive moves all around.

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