Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mike Carroll Calls Out Marc Johnson For Being A Sellout And A Liar

There are a lot of takeaways that you can get from the May 17, 2016 interview that Mike Carroll did with Jankem Magazine. Some of which is obvious, other things not so obvious.

The main things that you will see is that Marc Johnson, even though he cites reasons in the Skateboard Mag interview here, sold out. Not only that, Carroll calls him out as a liar, and a sell out all the same.

If you read the interview, you will see that Johnson wasn’t supposed to announce that he left Lakai. Lakai already had a full production run of shoes for Johnson, and well, now they are screwed because he’s not on the team.

Johnson, as you may know, moved on to Adidas. He left Lakai, but was supposed to hold off on saying anything because of the Lakai production run coming out, and the need to sell through that.

Well, too bad, Johnson not only left Lakai, he lied to Carroll about it.

So what?

Well, Johnson just got kicked of Chocolate.

This all smells of the same thing that went down with World Industries. The reason why Koston, Mariano, Song, and Johnson may be leaving is because there’s a lot of money being thrown around the skateboarding industry, and it’s not “skater owned and operated” business. It’s big companies with fat pay days for skaters that are getting older, have families, and are selling out.

Then again, you draw your own conclusion.

You can read the interview with Mike Carroll and all the drama with Marc Johnson at Jenkem Mag HERE.

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