Thursday, May 12, 2016

Eric Koston WKND Skateboarding Welcome Part Video

Eric Koston's First WKND Part 
The skateboarding world got big news when Koston and Mariano left Girl Skateboards. But where would they end up? Well, if you are following this blog, and why wouldn't you be, you now know that he has teamed up with WKND Skateboards. All of his boards are officially sold out, and you can't get any right now. But you can scope out his official part, below, and holy crap, it's fun. It's not serious, and you'll definitely see it. The song is right, the skateboarding looks like Koston is having fun, and it's just "FUN" like it should be. Then again, Koston is mega rich, so fun is just part of that, right? I'm broke, so I don't have fun.

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