Wednesday, July 26, 2017

5Boro Skateboards Mickey Mouse Running From Cops Skateboard Deck Review

Always Run From Police - 5Boro Skateboards
Ok, it’s not really Mickey Mouse. 5Boro skateboards puts a really cool spin on the classic mouse, but it’s not Mickey. Well, it kind of is, but it’s not. If you look at this skateboard from 5Boro skateboards, you’re going to find that the guys have doodled their way into giving you a bad idea, run from the police. Hey, I’m not going to advocate anything illegal, but I did run in my younger years. I grew up skateboarding Santa Monica, and well, the cops don’t like you hitting the streets or public areas, and you either ran or you were going to be fined or locked up.

With the release of the “Always Run From Police” deck, you get that classic 5Boro skateboards style, with a nod to the mouse that runs the house of Disney. Cool deck, may be a great one for the wall, where it may get appreciated.

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