Thursday, April 13, 2017

Toy Machine Bennett Tracts Deck Review

The Toy Machine Bennett Tracts Deck is part of a series of skateboards that have artwork that is in direct parody of the evangelic booklets that you used to get passed out. These tracts as they were called started with a sin premise, then would talk about how to go to heaven, basically by denouncing the sin. You can look up Chick publications for those. If you’re not in the know, then the Toy Machine Bennett Tracts Deck may be lost on you.

As for the Toy Machine Bennett Tracts Deck review, you’re going to find that the size is 8.375 x 31.875 and it’s quite good overall. The pop and ply is the same that you would expect from all Toy Machine boards. I have ridden Toy Machine several times in the past, and have found their wood to be decent, with nice pop, and good concave. This is a great street size if you’re older, and bigger. Anything bigger, and it may be too much. Good overall deck, easy to work with, and of course the classic Toy Machine style.

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