Sunday, July 10, 2016

Toy Machine Harmony Fat Sect Skateboard Review

Toy Machine skateboards has been around a long time. Ed Templeton’s little company that could has done a lot, and it’s still around putting out some sick parts, some great boards and solid shirts. The art direction has always been great, and this time around, it’s time to review some of the 2016 Toy Machine skateboard releases. With that in mind, let’s look at Joshua Harmony’s Fat Sect skateboard deck. This is a deck that is one of the pro models that you’re going to find at skate shops today.

Size and Shape

First and foremost, the size of this solution is 8.125 inches wide. It’s a little wider than what I rode when I was a teenager. As a teenager I was riding a 7.75 for what seemed like forever. Anything above 8 inches seems a bit wide, but if you have big feet, or you want to ensure that your flips go underneath the arch of your foot, this is a good board to consider overall.

Graphic Style

The graphic design of the Toy Machine Harmony Fat Sect Skateboard, is a contrast of colors. It features several colors, and the overall graphic is standard blood sucking toy machine style. The Templeton style drawing gives you a down feel with a dog in a cone, upside down, and the character on their phone. This sort of satire is a classic trope of Toy Machine Harmony Fat Sect Skateboards.

Overall Board Feel

The shape that Toy Machine skateboards has put together over the years has always been the same. It’s slightly concave, nothing too crazy, the pop is good, and the overall feel is great. You can flip with ease, you can shove-it fast, and you can ollie without any trouble. Toy Machine skateboards never really struck me as innovators. They are artistic, and classic in their style. If you’re a fan of 90s overall skateboarding, especially in the streets, then this board will feel great for you.

The Bottom Line On The Toy Machine Harmony Fat Sect Skateboard Deck

At the end of the day, the Toy Machine Harmony Fat Sect Skateboard is not half bad. It’s 8.125 inches, has some decent pop, not a lot of concave, and features the Templeton stylized artwork. If you’re used to Toy Machine skateboards already, then you’re going to enjoy this Josh Harmony skateboard. It’s overall standard, and high quality. Toy Machine’s shapes are stuck in the 90s in some ways, but you know what, I like it. It’s a good deck and it’s not going to break the bank. You can buy Toy Machine Harmony Fat Sect Skateboard decks by clicking here, for under 40 bucks.


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