Saturday, June 18, 2016

5Boro Skateboards Cinco Barrios Decks – 5boro NYC

There are a lot action going on with 5boro. If you have been following the brand like me, you know that they are putting it down for NYC. I hope that I could one day start a brand that has as much classic art and design that 5boro has. I can only dream though, I don’t have any money, or a job aside from writing these stupid posts. Anyways, 5boro skateboards has a set of decks that I know you’re going to love, because I am in love with them. They feature La Virgen de Guadalupe in skate form, and Spanish language elements throughout.

5BORO Skateboards Cinco Barrios Decks

If you haven’t seen the 5boro nyc stuff at your local skate shop, then you should consider going online and picking them up before they are gone. I for one plan on picking up all 3 of these, as I’m Mexican and I love the classic design that is on these. 5boro is one of my favorite companies for this reason. They just seem to put out classic artwork on their decks, and well, the pop is good.

Support 5boro

If you want to support 5boro skateboards, then go ahead and pick up some decks from them directly, your local shop. If you can’t find them there, then shop online for 5boro here. If you’re into art, skateboarding, or just like the 5boro nyc brand, then you are no doubt going to love these skateboards. The pop is good, the lengths are great, and if you’re in the market for a cruiser, then you got one there too.

Click here to pick up 5boro skateboards, and keep shredding for NYC and beyond!

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