Friday, June 17, 2016

5Boro Akers Dirt Bike Deck 8.5 x 32 Review

5Boro is coming out swinging with their latest skateboard decks, and this one showcases one of the best options they have. This is the Willy Akers pro model, and it features a dirt bike, with classic 1980s throwback colors. Now, if you’re a fan of the NES game Excitebike, then you already know what I’m thinking. As far as the 5boro skateboards decks are concerned, they have quality pop.

This one is 8.5 x 32 and isn’t too heavy, but has some nice concave. I was able to kick it nicely, and can testify to the strength of the build. I liked the colorway, and the 5boro team decks never let me down. I previously featured some decks from 5boro nyc in the past, and stand by the fact that they are really good at what they’re doing out of NYC.

Overall, this colorway is not half bad, and it’s a little different than what other companies are putting out right now in skateboarding. You can definitely see the quality that goes into the 5boro line up, and this is just one of the many solutions they are putting out right now.

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

You can pick up 5boro products by clicking HERE and ordering online.

5Boro McDonald Snowmobile Deck 8.125 x 32 Review

Alright, for those that like to split hairs, you’re going to like the subtle change that comes with this 5boro board. As far as 5boro skateboards are concerned, this is another instant classic in their motor series. I really appreciated the colorway difference between this one and Akers dirt bike option. This is more colorful and once again goes back to the 1980’s style, even though it says 1996 on the colors.

The deck is made of 7 ply hardwood, and is quite good overall. Again, the concave and pop are good overall, and you’ll have no problem flipping this. I like the slight length difference between 8.5 and 8.125, giving you just enough clearance to land some sketchy kickflips and what not.

Overall, the 5boro McDonald Snowmobile is not half bad. It’s a nice deck in the series, and has a good overall pop. I actually prefer this option to the larger set, as this is somewhere between my normal size and a vert cruiser for me. Although, you may want a different option for what you’re doing. Either way, this is a quality deck.

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

You can pick up 5boro products by clicking HERE and ordering online.

5boro skateboards has come out with a new edition of skateboards for summer, and they are kicking. One thing that I’ve appreciated about the board line up since I was younger is the attention to the core street style of the boards. 5boro nyc has been putting out a great deal of wood for some time, and despite other companies falling out of favor, these guys continue to shock me.

If you’re going to pick up skateboard decks, make sure that you take a look at 5boro skateboards. 5boro skateboards are high quality, and come out of one of the meccas of skateboarding today.

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